Tips Cheat Strategy to Get Gems in Light Fellowship of Loux iPhone

Light: Fellowship of Loux from Com2uS is a new turn based rpg for mobile platforms which contains a full scenario mode complete with stories and more

light fellowship of loux walkthrough ios android

This game will also give you more heroes to unlock, then you will have to upgrade them and their runes
After everything is ready, you can compete against other players in arena battles for coins, gems, GP, rune gemstones and more.

Here, you can make your own party featuring five heroes at a time
Later on, you can have more heroes by sacrificing your common, one-star heroes
Then, power up your rare heroes to have the highest star tiered heroes fast.

You can evolve new heroes to become new rarities with hero evolution
To do this, just get a hero to max level
Then, sacrifice three other heroes of the same star rarity
Afterward, upgrade your gaining hero to the next star tier and send him or her back down to experience level 1.
The Evolutions will be accomplished up until your hero reaches star tier 6, the top star tier.

If you get in the scenario mode farther and your player level id higher, you will be able to unlock the more game modes
In line with this, if you can complete scenario 2-1 you will unlock investigations, that will refresh once daily.
Every time, you level up, you can unlock new places such as the arena, the raid, and the infinite tower.

Before going to the battle, you can have four runes apiece to be equipped on your heroes
Equipping them will improve specific statistics.
Besides, you can power up the runes to get more gold coins to increase your basic stat improvement.

Moreover, if you can put two to four of the same rune at at time, you can unlock a rune set bonus
Plus, equipping four different runes for a well-balanced will give you stat boost on your hero.

During in the battle, you can use your skills by targeting enemies based on their elementals.
Green beats blue
Blue beast red
Red beats green

In order to aim a skill attack, just drag your finger from your hero’s portrait to the enemy you are targeting

Meanwhile, you can merely tap the portrait when it is flashing so that you can attack enemy in random within your hero’s range, whether they are melee or ranged ones.

In addition, gems can be said as the premium currency of this game
You can get the for free by winning every battle in the game
And, if you can complete specific mission or task, you will be granted with a lot of gems as reward

Or, if the developer allows you to watch promotional videos, you can get gems by watching such videos given by the developer
So, just check that feature if it is available on the game


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