Review of Yet It Moves Challenges You to Solve Puzzles

DeNA has just come to the apple store with its newest game with a fun concept packed in Yet It Moves which is said as an award-winning puzzle platformer game

yet it moves basic tutorial iphone android

On the other words, this game is a side-scrolling platformer where you will help a sketch figure to make his way back to the piece of paper he is been cut from.

In line with this, you can move left or right by holding a finger to either side of the screen, but everything else comes down to rotating the world.
You can do this through a hold and drag motion which sometimes interferes with movement.

Also, you will merely tilt the world to turn walls into floors, sliding into platforms, and stacking rocks into dangerous hazards.

On the other side, you will also have to navigate through a colorful paper collage world and unlock new levels that you can do by solving puzzles.

To do actions in this game, you can leap from platform to platform by a flick of the world rotation, as well as trying to get through some very narrow gaps.
But, when running and leaping from one platform to another, you must be careful as you may get things slightly wrong and everything becomes a mess whereby the two methods of control are too similar.

And, the little guy’s pretty sensitive when it comes to falling too far or being hit by a rock, in which this fussy controls can detract from the fun though.

Anyway, this game is an enjoyable enough title where you will be served with 17 reasonably weighty levels that might have seemed brief on the PC, but it is also significant on the iOS device.

Besides, some puzzles will be an satisfying to complete
Furthermore, you will also e able to play in a daily run mode to compete with friends, that will get you to encounter some longevity to the experience.

Although those fussy controls issue, this game is still quite entertaining when it works.
So, you can try on your own to solve each puzzle and guide the character to accomplish each objective


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