Review of Yak Dash Horns of Glory

Yak Dash: Horns of Glory from Mutant Labs is inspired by traditional Tibetan yak racing, that offers an exciting 2D side-scrolling racer testing reaction time, skill, and bravado.

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Along the game, you will experience 17 levels in four treacherous mountain ranges namely grassland, icy tundra, dangerous desert and perilous volcanic terrain

At the same time, you must also complete each level in the best time that you can do by smashing obstacles, leaping chasms and discovering shortcuts along the way.

In order to gain medals and unlock progressively more challenging routes, you will have to beat mountain flagbearers.

As usual, you will also be tasked to gather up some apples to help you dash your way through hazards.
Besides, you must also earn yak coins that you can use to customize your yak and rider, and make them stand out from the herd.
In each level, be sure to do crazy back and front flips for gaining extra speed boosts.

Yak Dash: Horns of Glory from Mutant Labs is made with colors and filled with racing spirit and enthusiastic spectators.

Here, the yaks in Yak Dash can perform some pretty sweet flips.
On the other side, Yak Dash seems to be great, loaded with personality, and it has some great ideas that feels a bit slow and chunky.

In this game, every yak race happens in a grand stage where you will race in mountainous courses that are fairly well-built and full of obstacles and shortcuts.
To start you action, you will thunder alongside seven other racers and the first one across the finish line he will win.

To play this game, you simply tap the screen to dash, which is a move that also breaks down obstacles in your way.
Along the way, dashing requires apple juice, which you refill by grabbing apples scattered on the track. Or, you can replenish your apple juice meter by performing flips while your yak is in mid-air.

But, if you crash your yak, you will get through a bad landing or run onto objects.
In each level, checkpoints are spaced fairly far apart
And, if you are sent back you will be left to stagger back up to the rest of the racers.

Seemingly, this game will make it hard to get into the first place no matter how well you race along the game.

In addition, this game, Yak Dash has presented a decent racer
However, its mechanics will really require more meat on their bones.
After getting through a bit of re-tooling and re-balancing, the game seems to do a victory lap.


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