Review of Wrassling Lets You Score for Hats

Wrassling from Colin Lane seems to be adapted from the national sport of Slamdovia, where the champion Wrasslers will regarded as the strongest athletes in the world.

wrassling apple watch strategy

This game, Wrassling seems to be an easier and simplistic games on iOS these days.
Here, you will control your character with virtual buttons for left and right movement, jumping, and spinning your arm clockwise or counter-clockwise.

The main point to play this game is to try staying in the ring as long as possible while also tossing other ‘wrasslers’ out.
And, your high score is determined by how many folks that you can force out the ring.

On the other words, your main objectives is simple to toss a certain number of wrasslers out of the ring or to take out a boss.
After you manage to pull these off you will be rewarded with hats that can be equipped from the menu.

In addition, this game, Wrassling will give you an entertainment as you will simply go to toss your rivals out of the rings for hats.
Anyway, this game is a kind of a fantastic game to enjoy in your leisure, and you will be entertained with funny characters especially when they perform some actions on the rings.



  1. My highscore is 77, 3 points away from last task, with all hats unlocked. I must say I truly enjoy this game. 8/10

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