Review of Wormarium Arcade as An Action Puzzle Game

Wormarium Arcade from Trompo Games is fast paced, action packed, puzzle game for the ios device where you will get you to snake and slither your character to go through subterranean mazes while avoiding being chopped up by the pesky moles.

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In other words, you will guide the worms to fill subterranean labyrinths, and you must not try not to get chopped by the maliciously moles

At the same time, you will also have to collect gold coins that you can use to get power ups that will help you go through the game

To move about each maze will be as simple as swiping in any direction
Also, you can even queue up a path by swiping on the screen

Here, you will also deal with multiple ghosts with different personalities, and you must to overcome one mole, who happens to sport a pretty clever AI.

All you will do in this game is to outwit the mole
Sometimes, you will go to more squarely in the puzzle arena because of the deliberate nature of each move.

When when the mole is close to you, you will get to choose a path which ideally leads it far away from your worm.

This game also comes along with the iap system, that will prompt you to get coins and power ups
With the power-ups, you can change direction or stun moles for a second

Coins seems to be the premium currency of this game
And, happily, you will get these coins for free by watching the promotional ads from the developer
Moreover, you can also earn coins by completing some levels and secret challenges in the game

In addition, playing Wormarium Arcade will still entertain you when you see the funny characters to act
Again, this game is a decent action-puzzle game that will challenge you to guide your characters into safe spots with any mean necessary.


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