Review of Woah Dave by Choice Provisions

Woah Dave made by Choice Provisions, has presented the game with its own blend of challenging survival and situation management similar to to the original Mario Bros.

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In this game, you will be assigned to control Dave, who has a problem with creatures hatching from eggs and just running around like they own the place.
Your main objective here is to take them out, either by tossing other eggs at them, or using the exploding skulls.
Here, the skulls will be able to surpass the eggs as they will be all killer
But make sure not to hold them or near them when they are blasting.
The eggs are able to kill creatures that spawn, in which they are really useful if there is no skulls available there.
In line with this, some creatures that fall into the fiery abyss below will get back quickly and they will be more powerful in which it will come to more coins and score as well.

On the other side, getting , whether by skulling an egg or throwing it into the abyss will get rid of an egg before it hatches
And it will be a good idea as enemies are a one-touch kill, though there are three lives at least.

Then, you will be given with a bunch of eggs and no skulls, in that you must manage them, take care of whatever comes up is your priority for getting high scores.

You will find one gameplay mode available until your score of 150 is attained
At this phase, it means that it gets ready to hammer down through the main mode again and again until it is unlocked.

In related to the touchscreen controls, you will be offered the default virtual buttons that can be placed anywhere, and it will give the Pro Dave controls a try from the options.

Anyway, this makes the buttons move around while playing, so ideally the move arrows and jump or throw buttons are where they expected to be based on the last time they were touched, not based on their actual physical position.

However, this system will deliver a bit screwy at times if moving a finger too far, but it is pretty good to use as well.
Alongside, you will also be given with MFi gamepad support that is on systems with physical controls available on this game.


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