Review of Wizards and Wagons

Touch Dimensions has just come to the apple store along with their newest game called as Wizards and Wagons, a trading-themed adventure RPG.

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In this game, all you will do is merely to purchase, barter, trade and sell goods in a vast fantasy world filled with villages, towns, kingdoms, and comical characters

This game is made in highly original and extremely engaging, along with a surprising amount of micromanagement.

Along the game, you will guide a former hero making his fortune through monster-fighting, while you must watch your source of income quickly dry up with the coming of peaceful times.

Your main objective here is to build yourself back up by trading goods between towns for a profit.
In line with this, you will have a journey full of haggling, observation, and dealing with any incoming enemies trying to attack your wagons.

Along the way, you can protect your wagon with buffs and weaponry.
Spells and projectiles will be a good way to shoot out the baddies to get rid of your wagons and keep your goods safe.

Every town in this game will operate on a system of supply and demand.
In accordance with this, if you want to purchase low and sell high, the cost of goods and the demand for products changes as days go by.
You can also get special goods from festivals

In the life of buying and selling goods, you can easily thrive off assignments handed out by the traders’ guild involving arranged deliveries, as well as bounty-hunting and escort missions.

Graphically, this game has come out with a simple graphics that is well-paced despite all the tasks it puts on the table.
Anyway, the bounties are hard to collect and sometimes you have no idea what enemy you are shooting at.
Extremely, this game is still fun to play on your phone


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