Review of Wizard Golf RPG Allows You to Reach A Par Score

Floor 27 Industries has a good game by mixing together RPG mechanics and golf bundled in Wizard Golf RPG and specifically designed for mobile platforms, ios and android

wizard golf rpg walkthrough ios android

It seems that the combination of a golf game with an RPG background to it gives something in a unique genre and it is still quite charming.

Similar to any golf game, you will be brought to work your way through various courses in 12 in which every course consist of 9 holes, with new courses unlocked through reaching a par score in the previous one.

Along the game, you will merely control a Wizard who has to cast as few spells as possible to reach the end point of the level.
And, you have to try beating monsters scattered around the environments such as castles, dungeons, grassy fields, and hellish depths, as well as collecting loot and upgrading your skills.

Here, you will also meet some enemies, in which you have to use your magic spells to beat them.
You will also unlock new items with the loot you collect in game, such as bomb rod and a boomerang, that will be available and it can boost your powers.

Also, you will discover hidden skulls to collect, and unlock new sections.
Once making a good progress through the game, physics also plays a role with various holes that will give you with things to bounce off of or around.

To play this game, you will simply drag a finger in the direction you want him to go, and hit the ‘cast spell’ button, then hit it again when it reaches the desired power you want.

On the other side, even this game is easy to play in gently, along with relatively easy holes early on to give you time to learn, you will have to learn other things to do along the way.

Later on, you can pursue a par score rather than collect everything in sight.
Anyway, Wizard Golf RPG is almost like a puzzle rather than golfing game.

In addition, this game has a curious mix, which could have been a bit of a mess but it is still a rewarding mix of puzzle, strategy, and golfing that will be worth to play.


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