Review of WinterForts Exiled Kingdom Strategy by Execution Labs

WinterForts: Exiled Kingdom from Execution Labs is light strategy gameplay, in which it can be categorized into a new kind of strategic castle-building game

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In this game, you will be able to control a bunch of exiled warriors to fight against the treacherous Horde.
At the same time, you are able to craft the layout of your fort, send your workers into the wild and harvest meat from dead dragons
Moreover, you will be able to join one of eight Houses and get an army of archers, beasts and undeads to fight in revolutionary battles inspired by tower defense games.

This game tells you the frozen regions of Drahalla which have been the scene of epic battles and magical confrontations for the control of resources.
Because of this, you are the chosen on to fight rival families and barbarian clans to get back your empire again.
Throughout the game, you will have to expand your kingdom as the first step of your quest
Meanwhile, you will also have to lead your House to victory and reclaim your rightful throne

Later on this game, you can split your time between managing a growing home base and using your resources to fund strategic skirmishes against the computer or other players online.
To feed your troops, you can send workers off to collect raw materials outside the city’s walls
In the mean time, you can also train soldiers and erect defenses to stave off barbarian hordes
Then, you must patiently wait as freemium restrictions throttle everything from upgrading buildings to digging up “tightly packed” snow floors.

Anyway, playing this game will be satisfying to watch a headquarters expand as enemies fail to breach its walls.
For further, you are able to pledge allegiance under one of several banners for added support.

On the other side, this game takes the real-time strategy battles feature with some clever tactical objectives like drawing opponents out into the open making them easier to slaughter.
As you make your way through enemy`s base, you open up new entrances for remaining units to pass through.
You can do this as a sneaky trick, especially during the full-on boss encounters.
From the gameplay, this game is a semi-unique aesthetic with nice artwork.
In addition, if you want to play with a lot of strategies you must read the walkthrough of this game in the page


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