Review of Warship Solitaire As A Logic Puzzle Game

Nexx Studio has developed the classic board game successfully in that it combines strategy and simple guessing, making for an experience which is easy to play.

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In line with this game, Warship Solitaire is giving an experience for anyone that loves the thrill of seeking out and destroying their friends’ fleets.

Your main duty here is to locate the hidden enemy ships on the map with the given hints and the number indicators within the map.
On the other words, you will be challenged to solve over 125 challenging levels.

Every level of this game occurs in a seven-by-seven grid that is blank, save for at least one hint to the partial location of a ship.
Here, you have to uncover one battleship in three squares, two destroyers in two squares each, and three submarines in one square each.

And, every row and column of a stage in this game is marked with numbers indicating how many ships or ship pieces are in that row or column.
At this point, you can be assured that ships will never have other ships adjacent to them, even it is diagonally.

Anyway, this game will never indicate when you have made a wrong move.
It is the game where you can put ships wherever you want
But, if the final result does not match up to the game’s conditions, you will not finish the level.
Along the game, you will be given with hints which recharge over time

In addition, Warship Solitaire is a bare-bones, where you will only sit down while thinking about sort of strategy game.

Graphically, the graphics are primitive, and each move you make will feel like you are being watched by a judging relative that never speaks except just grins and shakes your head.

Besides, Warship Solitaire’s lack of frills has a way of clearing your mind and encouraging you to persist to play in later levels.
When you have made through to uncover that last square, your victory will make everything all the more sweet.
So, if you are big fans of logic puzzle game, this may a good reference to play with


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