Review of Warbits as A Turn Based Strategy Game

Risky Lab has a war simulator called as Warbits which is specifically designed for the ios system
If you like playing Advance Wars with turn based strategy on the go, you should try this on your phone

warbits walkthrough ios android

In this turn-based strategy game, you will be brought to battle through 20 missions across 5 unique environments
Specifically, you will reveal the story of a dysfunctional galaxy in those environments
You will also be a commander to power up your army with 16 power-ups.

Graphically, the setting of this game is made in cartoony military and in a colorful universe
As usual, you will have to wipe out your rival or take over their base

Basically, this game has the systems and mechanics from Advance Wars which you may have played on your device

Anyway, Warbits has its own universe and characters which are made in creative ways and charming.
If you play this game for a while, you will notice that the systems will operate a bit differently, such as the use of special powers

Serving all about game modes, this game has a kind of unfriendly AI mode, whereby it may be pretty difficult to make it through the campaign without consulting a walkthrough on a few levels.

Besides, if you play it online, you need Game Center, in which it may be coming to a bug where you can then go online until either Apple or Risky Lab fix it.

In addition, though it borrows some formula from Advance Wars, this game, Warbits is included into a great series of turn based games that you can directly play on your phone.


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