Review of Walking War Robots Let You Complete Mission for Gold

Pixonic will invite you to participate in epic, explosive multiplayer robotic battles that is bundled in Walking War Robots

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In this game, you will put yourself in the cockpit of big battle robot then you will walk out in your armored goliath to shoot and defeat the other robots standing in your way with long range cannons, or drive straight into the fray with short range mg’s.

It can be said that you will control robots with major artillery, urban arenas, and all the mechanized warfare to go through all unabashedly framed within a layered set of massively multiplayer online capture the flag adventure.

Along the game, you will be allowed to team up and get involved in the battlefield in 6vs6 domination challenge

When going to battle, friendly mechs are noted in blue while opponents are red
Anyway, the main point here is to not only claim the beacons but to prevent the opposing faction from claiming or reclaiming them.

In line with this, you will be served with the virtual shoot button at the bottom right cycles through stuff such as guns and timed reloading short range missiles, and swiping on the encompassing sights mechanism helps with directing the barrage.

In related to the intuitive control options, a virtual joystick will let you control movement as well, which is an important factor on both offense and defense for your robots.

Later on, you will be introduced in the mechanized suits that come along with different attributes, speed and resilience as the major factors which will make a difference in gameplay
And, upgrading your procuring suits with better specs will be a must in this game.

In-game cash can also be procured by doing especially well in battles, naturally.
You will level up by completing some missions successfully.

In related to the graphics, this game comes with a really great graphics, expressed in colorful 3D with animations that look just how one would guess mechanized movement would look.

You will see that, visual perspective is quite well, with angles, coloration, and relatively diverse scenery adding to the ambience.

This game also gives excellent sound, from the sound of battle to the simple clanking of the walking robots.

Entirely, with colorful 3D graphics, this game has also different look than any game in similar and the sounds look great without being cartoonish, which is important for a game of this type.


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