Review of Volt Battery on The Loose

Volt is a kind of new puzzle game where you will play with a battery which always tries to escape from a recycling center on each stage as well as gaining high score.

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Here, your battery has a pair of eyes and two limb-like cords, which you can tap it to do a little half-hearted flop into the air.

Along the game, you can have two of these beams out at any one time, one for each cord, and they will work as touching a surface within Volt’s reach.

When performing your actions, you will also be able to cut these beams with a quick swipe.
On a stage, you can only use a limited number of these beams before it needs a recharge
In line with this, combined with the limited uses of the beams you need to go anywhere, you will experience the challenging levels early on.
For such reasons, if you do not plan your moves well, you must restart the stage again.

On the other side, you will also be able to unlock other playable batteries and retro-style 16-bit versions of the stages.

Throughout the game, you will experience through 60 plus stages along with a bunch of traps and hazards along the way, whereby you need split-second timing to survive on each stage.
Also, you will meet four boss stages that will get you to beat them to gain more score.

The developer seems to add a very different style to its presentation, such as the overall dark tones of the visuals combined with the sounds of working machinery and the cold
Plus, it comes along with mechanical soundtrack that will make more grim atmosphere.

Except coming with mechanical soundtrack, this game also features the excellent level designs which is a very organic way to increase the complexity and challenge of a game.

Furthermore, when opening the menu, you will be served with an extra step in which it is as a procedure that you will be performing frequently.
To play this game, you may need to put your finger anywhere to secure a new beam, ans there may occasionally come to a risk where people accidentally hitting a wrong button scattered on the screen

For those who really like games that is involving swinging around on a grappling hook of some sort, Volt is the one that will be worth to play with.

In related to this game, you will also meet a bunch of content that builds its mechanics out in sensible ways.
In addition, Volt may not shock you all that much with all content ans style of presentation as you can see while playing this game
But, you will get a good buzz going while you play through this game on certain stages.


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