Review of voi as Smart Puzzle Game

If you like playing a puzzle game on the go, voi from Gamebrain Studios may be worth to try since it offers new, mind-bending, minimal puzzle game containing a bunch of levels to solve

voi walkthrough ios android

In a glance, this game will display the black and white forms where you may need to overlay black shards in different configurations
Doing this will reproduce a provided shape which is shown in silhouette.

Every shard in this game is placed on top of another, while the overlapping area is coming to turn white, which is disappearing into the background.

You will then be served with another layer which will turn to black again.
Here, you may get to match the complicated guide shapes, and you must move and overlap the shards to create positive and negative space
To make it happen it will go through a complicated mix of original and inversely effected shards.

Anyway, playing such game will make you feel smarter to solve one level to another
Sometimes, it is commuter-friendly, with short levels, and there are no timers or energy systems to play with it

You will merely have to solve the puzzles that provided asymmetrical pieces to make up a symmetrical silhouette
To deal with it, you will get an additional level of abstraction to make complementary angles and mirrored and different shapes out of pieces

Anyway, this game has offered more complicated puzzles, the shape and size of the space added even more difficulty which will always tease your mind to fine the way out.
In conclusion, this game is a unique puzzle bringing aggressive mobile games

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