Review of Vigil RPG as An Retro JRPG

Vigil RPG has presented a retro JRPG vibe, in which it is something like the first Dragon Quest.
Here, you will encounter a lot of combat, and each individual battle involves a reasonable amount of strategy.

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Battles are all one-on-one here, so you must manage one set of actions at any given time, as well as staying alert of a single enemy.
You will also have little character customization involved in leveling up.

At the initial move, you simply touch the place on the map where you want to go, then you are there.
You will see an overworld map, then move square by square along something like a boardgame path, with new paths opening up as you play through the story.
At this location, you will meet a bunch of dungeons that will come to a high chance of starting a random battle, then the outlines around the squares tell you how powerful the enemies are.

Battles are simple as it is turn-based affairs, as you are always limited to a selection of six different moves at one time.
One of your attack requires no MP, one will always be a type of defending move, one will always be some type of running away command, while the other three are left to special moves that usually need MP.

At this point, managing your MP is important here as you have little of it and many of your important moves use it.
When dealing with boss battles, it will restore a little each turn, but it only recovers outside of battle.
Besides MP, your HP is also vital because you generally have no means of restoring it outside of the inn in the town or certain lucky finds in dungeons.
To solve this, just learn the ins and outs of each enemy so you can minimize the impact done to your HP.

Once going through the battles, you will unlock new abilities and skills.
Moreover, you will earn your gold, experience, and everything else intact.
And, the quests also offer you gold in varying amounts according to how many stars you clear them with.
Earning higher star rankings on each mission will allow you to upgrade your equipment sooner, as well as increasing your survivability and helping you take care of the next quest quickly.

Anyways, this game has an overall creative design of the essence of early JRPGs in a condensed format.
Also, this game has full support for leaderboards based on the number of turns it takes you to reach certain milestones.

Thus, if you are big fans of NES-era JRPGs, you must try to play Vigil RPG as it is incredibly streamlined, entertaining, along with challenging quest as well.



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