Review of Vainglory as Multiplayer Online Battle Arena

If you are a big huge fan of action RPGs such as the Dungeon Hunter series, you will not have missed the newest game, VainGlory

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As in the preview of this game, it can be categorized into Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, MOBA that has integrated more and more complex controls.

Playing this game feels like playing in very modern action RPG genre, in which it returns to the perfect basic controls.
Here, you will only tap where you want to move, and tap to attack your villains until you have beaten them.

At the beginning of the game, you will be prompted to select a fighter of your choice to work with and level-up, each with a unique way of fighting and different special moves.

As your heroes level-up, you can make these moves more powerful.
Throughout the game, you will fight your way through battle maps, killing other team’s grunts, gun turrets, and eventually their power crystal, which seems to be the main tower.
Once you eliminate their main tower, you will win this match

Anyways, if you are playing against the computer, you will be competing online against two other players’ teams at a time.
Like playing dota 2 or warcraft, you will have to gather up gold from downed monsters and enemies, which you can use to purchase consumable items and weapon or armor buffs to equip your heroes.
On the other side, you are sometimes asked to spend real world cash to pay for these so that you are able to get a jump on the competition instantly.

In addition, this game is a really enjoyable game, but there is the sexist exterior in related to the girls character that will be a major disincentive for kids.
On the other side, this game has to improve small art change in a future update to present the game more polite with girls heroes.


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