Review of Unpixelate 3D Puzzle Challenges You to Solve All Levels

DeNA has presented its newest game, called Unpixelate which offers a unique, colorful, and brain twisting 3D puzzle game specifically made for iPad and iPhone

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In related to the other puzzle genre, Unpixelate has all the hallmarks of a great puzzle game in which this game is easy to learn but it is hard to master with addictive gameplay.

Playing this game will bring you to explore the colorful 3D retro world, while enjoying retro pixel artwork and music, as well as trying to solve 100 distinct puzzles levels

Later on, in your journey of solving the challenging puzzled, you will find blocks of ice and fire, teleporters, buttons, spikes, etc
Now it is up to you either to use use them or to avoid them but you have to accomplish your main goal that is to solve every puzzle in each level.

Going further in the levels will be more challenging, with things like teleporters and special blocks and buttons that will provide some variety.

On the other side, every level of this puzzle game will get you to manipulate a ball around a circuit and to collect items before going to the exit.

To play this game, you merely tap around to move, with the ball not going anywhere unless you tap Anyway, you will encounter the cumbersome part that is to jump and move the camera.

Furthermore, a tutorial level will recommend you to jump that you can do with a simple swipe
Sometimes, you need a double-tap on an adjoining platform in which performing double-tap will quite be easy to activate when doing mostly anything else
It means that things can go disastrously wrong pretty easily.

However, camera issues will sometimes be an issue, whereby when using two fingers to move around sometimes you will get yourself inadvertently to double-tapping
Because of this, you will go back to the start of the level

Here, some levels rely on you to look around to scope out when to fall down or where to go next.
Besides camera issue, early stages are not pretty interesting.

Also, you will come to accept the limitations of the control system, even though it still catches you out throughout the game.

In addition, although carrying some issues, this game is still worth to try as you will be addicted by some challenging puzzles to solve


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