Review of Under the Sun as 4D Puzzle Game

Stegabyte Life has launched Under the Sun a 4D movement puzzler game on ios devices
Here, you will guide a stranded castaway through a series of puzzling desert islands.

under the sun walkthrough ios android

When exploring through some areas, you have to reach the campfire by nightfall.
Every time you move forward your character with steps, the world changes, making things difficult.
At that time, you will have to go through trees grow, bridges crumble, animals age, waters rise in that everything gets in your way

Along the game, you will simply move the rapidly-ageing man that you can do by tapping on the direction arrows surrounding him.
Sometimes, they may skip a turn as the world darkens around them.
When doing your action, you will have only a designated amount of turns that you can take before everything fades to black
At the same time, you must study your environment while rotating the island and zooming as they please.

When playing this game, you will also be given with an option that is a dial on the right side of the screen that lets you rewind time
As an illustration, a turtle should happen to bash them out of the way or they interact with the environment in the wrong way.
With this rewind dial option, you will keep things moving along nicely.

Graphically, this game is very colorful, along with the lighting effects as a focal point
Also, the graphics are pleasant and cheerful enough.
But, you will see that the environments do stay the same throughout
And, more features are added from huge Jellyfish to rising tides that will become a bit visually monotonous.

Anyway, this game is quite outstanding and it is often tricky little puzzle game, where you use foresight, hindsight, and to understand how their environment can be interacted with to get the best results.
You will get to play around 10 areas and 60 levels.


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