Review of twofold inc as A Smart Color Matching Game

If you like playing any puzzle game on mobile devices, you may have to play twofold inc. from webbfarbror AB walkthrough ios android

This game is designed for the ios and android users which offers humble puzzle game made with stunning graphics and mesmerizing system.

If you are a new of such game, it will be better to play this game in Standard mode
Then, you can continue to play it in Master mode if you have found your style to play it

In other words, twofold inc. is like a nebulous mix of color-matching puzzles and the calculating nature of Sudoku puzzles.
For such reasons, twofold inc. is a whole lot different from some puzzle apps out there

To play this game, all you will do is to scroll the playfield to unravel the tiles, then you will make a path to clear them away.

Here, you will need to collect together similarly-colored blocks and arrange them to fill requests on the top left of the screen.

As an illustration, you will get to gain 16 points that you can do by taking out four blocks counting four points apiece.
When doing so, you must create larger chains with the blocks to clear out the requests in record time.

Besides, you can also store blocks at the bottom of the screen
Anyway, if you end up needing bonus blocks to get requests completed well, make sure to drag them up onto the game board so that it will open up a way out

Again, you will be assigned to clear out the queued up requests and set up a new chain
Always remember that, do not stuck with a bunch of useless blocks on the board.

In line with this, you will still be forced to operate within the parameters of a set number of moves
And, you can then use up extra lives to deal with the specific situation.

Graphically, this features minimalistic artwork and cartoony style while still bringing modern game Playing this game is challenging, since you will experience a whole lot of fun on the go.


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