Review of Twisty Hollow by Arkadium

Twisty Hollow is from the developer Arkadium in which it looks like your run of the mill generic puzzle game with its charming art style and designed for both casual and ‘core’ gamers alike.

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In line with this, this game is controlled by twisting around three circles, with the inner circle along with the various people who do tasks, the middle circle with their tools, and the outer circle with their materials.
Here, the different people and creatures will do tasks on the outside of the circle.

This game comes with a pretty simple matching process, along with different tools and materials in different products.
Here, some products are created in a multi-step process, such as a butcher using a knife to turn a cow into meat, and a chef using a knife to turn the meat into a burger.

Along the game, you will meet people, tools, and materials.
On the other side, completing as many jobs as possible within the time limit will be the ultimate objective, with a three-star system for getting more points.
Moreover, you will also meet the banker, who can upgrade money to get more points in this game

Playing this game for a while is a great way to balance things for both people who want to just enjoy the game and those seeking a legitimate challenge.

Anyway, this game makes itself more complex over time, but in an iterative way that gradually gets you to make sense complex concepts.

However, you will find something confusion in the beginning in which the way that the chef and butcher are colored similarly and they can interact with similar materials.

This game also offers a great variety to the types of challenges that come up, such as the forest levels having the bears to deal with, and the fire elements in the haunted house levels.

In conclusion, this game is a solid game that is made of a unique concept and it is a solidly entertaining puzzle game which is worth to play.


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