Review of Tsuro The Game of The Path

Tsuro – The Game of the Path is made by Thunderbox Entertainment which can be included in the genre of a puzzle strategy board game, specially designed for the ios platform

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Along the game, all you will do is to place a tile and slide your stone along the path created
Here, you can also play with your friends online where your opponent`s paths can lead you in the wrong direction or it can lead you to go off the board

In this game, paths will cross and connect, and you will make the decision to affect all the journeys across the board.
This game also offers 3 game modes to play, which are Solo, Loop Battle and Longest Path.

Early on the game, you will be served with the tutorial which does a fantastic job of teaching you the basics as well.

The main mechanic is to place tiles while remaining on the board as long as possible.
During each turn, you must place one of three tiles in front of a stone laid out on the board

Later on, the stone will follow the path where you have built with your tile.
And, spaces will come along with two areas on each side that the stone can exit from

In order to deal with it, try to strategically place tiles which will make the created path stays on the board longer than your rival does

Basically, make sure to concern yourself first where you want to get your stone on its first path around
Also, you can create loops which will remain for its next trip around the board.

To play the game, you can take 8 players to go along the way
And, you can learn the basic system by playing with AI players first before going to play it online

Graphically, this game has decent graphics which is suitable to compatible with mobile platforms
In addition, you will also be served with over 50 achievements to build your skills to the ultimate test.
Thus, if you are a fan of any puzzle game, you may have to try playing this game on your phone


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