Review of Trulon The Shadow Engine

Trulon The Shadow Engine can be categorized into an adventure RPG that comes along with a unique card combat system and a bit of a steampunk aesthetic.

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In this game, you will go to explore each area Tripudia and dangerous Maelon then battle enemies mutated by magic while unraveling the threads of an insidious plot and uncovering dark secrets to rescue Tripudia people.

If it is looked from the storyline, Trulon is nothing special as it only focuses on a protagonist from humble beginnings, who quickly falls in-line with a typical cast of characters as they uncover a plot that threatens the world.

In order to guide your hero, you will simply tap on the screen in the overworld, then tap and drag cards in the combat sequences.

The only thing about this game is it is definitely its card-based RPGs where you are an excuse to pass time and collect things
Here, this game offers a set of cards that seem very intentionally rolled out throughout the course of the game where you are assigned to build decks with to set up particular strategies.

Anyway, you cannot just wade through card after card until you draw the right thing.
In related to the battle system, each battle starts by dealing four cards for each character, a basic attack card, and a sort of wild card which any character can play.

In this game, all of these cards are only the wild card that is replaceable with something new, but only after it has been played.

At this point, this system can occasionally stack the deck against players, but for the most part the result is a challenging and compelling combat system that will make fighting enemies feel particularly weighty and satisfying.

Along the game, you will see towns which are in full of NPCs that have practically nothing useful or interesting to say
And, you will see some characters to stay true to their archetypes with little to no deviation.

In addition, Trulon has offered a neat set of combat rules that is packed in a pretty lackluster pack.
You may try this game if you are fans of rpg genre.


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