Review of Trick Shot as A Unique Physic Based Puzzle Game

If you see Trick Shot from Jonathan Topf in a glance, it can be said as a minimalist physics puzzler game featuring 90 levels prompted to be completed on the ios devices

trick shot walkthrough ios android

Playing this game will get you to do an infinite supply of bouncy balls to get that perfect shot.
Anyway, this game is a great puzzler game, made in the unique and wonderful visuals to play with.

In each level, every time you try to make Trick Shot for the first time, you will be served with a simple box and a small area with dotted red lines, all against a blank grey background.

To play this game, you will drag your finger in the dotted area, then you will see a ball comes up with a line through it.

At this moment, you can just let go and the ball is fired to go the box.
You will also see that the line appearing through the ball will represent the angle and power of your shot

And, your main goal here is to fire your ball into the box.
Every time, you can complete each level you will go to the next box with different obstacles such as wooden planks, fans, and teleporters to solve and accomplish

Generally, you will simply bounce the ball off of one or two things then it may go into that box hopefully.

Playing this game relies on a simple swipe up or down to switch between the previous and next stages.
You will also see the ball to change each time you use it.

Graphically, every level select screen in the game is made in a simple color coded so you can see at a glance what you have left to accomplish.
And, the visuals seem to be flat, rounded, modern, and utilitarian which will be a joy to play.

In addition, this game, Trick Shot is categorized into the most unique physics-based puzzle game ever made for mobile platforms which will test your mind to solve each level for fun


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