Review of TouchTone as A Spy Puzzle Game

TouchTone is a puzzle game about making connections designed for mobile platforms mainly on ios.
This game is a kind of the sort of light-bending puzzle game where you simply connect squiggly lines in form of telephone signals to the same-colored node by placing objects in the right spaces.

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Each stage in this game will provide you an arrangement of beams of differing colors, an equal or greater number of color-coded nodes you need to connect them to
And, some pieces can change a beam’s direction or color, or they can even split the beam into two streams.
You can shift these pieces around by swiping along the rows and columns.

Once completing each puzzle, new branches open up, then you will have to unlock the rest of them by following another branch until you find a key.
Some of the branches will include extra information about the game’s story, and they often contain the most difficult puzzles.

Anyway, playing this game will be fun as you will try to complete puzzles where you will hack into other people’s communication lines to monitor their messages, then you will report it back to a government agency as being pertinent or non-pertinent.

In this game, you join a government program in that you are tasked to tap into phone conversations to find threats to the public safety.

In the mean time, you will also have to find a hot trail.
Later on, solving one puzzle after another in hopes of gaining access to vital information will prevent a terrible outcome.

For further, you will see a beam of light entering the room from one particular direction
When seeing this, you must move or rotate mirrors to direct it to a different spot somewhere in the room.
A reflective beam enters from one part of the screen, in which you should move pieces around to direct it to another.

Here, moving items cannot always be done without affecting the placement of other items on the board.
To deal with this, you will get to shift the entire row or column
Then, if you see a solution, it will require a few extra steps.
Perhaps, you may need to move one piece to the left, another down, and another to the right before sliding that next piece into place
Afterward, you will need to move them all back to make a connection point.

In line with above statements, TouchTone is a puzzle gamer’s puzzle game.
Playing this game is not based on how to get your high score, but each puzzle contains a grid full of colorful lasers and nodes, which will have to be redirected to sync up with their respective connection points.

Every time, you try to solve the puzzles is a king of a challenge and an accomplishment which are combined with a interesting story and a poignant social message inside.
On the other side, the puzzles are designed and use simple rules to make increasingly complex challenges, introducing new ideas to be a unique game ever.


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