Review of Top Tank as An Retro Arcade Action Game

Top Tank is a fairly simple game developed by Fun Fetched where you can blow stuff up and survive your tank as long as possible when battling with enemies during in each mission.

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This game will let you experience in explosive retro arcade action where you can jump in to your heavily-armored war machine and fight against an army of foes from both land and air.

At the same time, you will be able to navigate rolling terrain and lob projectiles at oncoming threats with one touch on the go.
Here, to play with your tank, all will you do is simple as you will simply hold to aim and release it to fire a missile to enemy`s tank

Along the missions, you will also be able to collect and deploy devastating power-ups as well as unlocking eleven achievements
You will battle with enemies through five locales, each featuring unique graphics and original soundtrack

Furthermore, you will simply accept that enemies out to get you then wipe them out first.
Throughout the game, your tank will move automatically, with your input coming through the manipulation of its weapon.

Just hold a finger down on the fire button then aim at your foes.
Anyway, it also stops your tank during the time you are lining up a shot, that comes with its own advantages and disadvantages.

You will also find a secondary fire button, which is acquired through picking up collectibles.
Having these collectibles will offer up things such as triple fire or a power shot that can take out a much more powerful tank in one blow.

On the other side, lining up the trajectory is a tricky challenge where the enemies tank and your tank constantly are moving forward at the same time
Here, you need to adjust quickly in order to get a direct hit.
Doing this successfully will come to bonus points.

In conclusion, this game comes in fairly simple stuff, and it is pretty fun to play.
Along with a selection of achievements to work towards, you will be able to unlock new backgrounds that will give you with extra reason to keep playing it.


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