Review of Top Speed Drag & Fast Racing Game

Top Speed: Drag & Fast Racing developed by T-Bull can be categorized into a drag racing game that will allow you to drive 69 cars from stock rides, dragsters to police cars

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Once selecting your car, you will be brought to drive in 5 city districts, each with its own unique theme and gang crew

Later on, you can also play in epic arcade game modes, where you have to climb the ranks and earn more money for every race you take part in.

With money you collected from the game, you will be able to purchase and upgrade new cars
At the start of each race all you will do is merely to tap the gas pedal to keep the needle in the sweet spot
If you can do so well, you will have a perfect start

Then, once you are off and running, be sure to keep your eyes open on the gages and tap the shift button to change gears at the right time.
You can also put nos in the engine to trigger a temporary speed boost

In the mean time, while doing all of this shifting, you can make leaving your opponent in the dust a bit easier.

On the other side, you will jump into a race, and to have boss battle then to climb up your rank for having more money or cash, the premium currency of this game

However, playing this game is merely to tap a button to shift like something repetitive.
Anyway, this game, Top Speed: Drag & Fast Racing will still give you an entertainment


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