Review of Tomb Raider 2 by Square Enix

If you played with Tomb Raider, you would have to continues to play with Tomb Raider II which was already in the apple store and available to download and install.

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Playing in Tomb Raider series is related to Lara Croft, a brave woman and she is the main character who will take you to go for adventure through ancient sites to find hidden treasures

Along the game, you will simply leap around and take out bad guys with a variety of different weapons that you always carry on your back.
Every time, you perform your actions, you must react quickly with the control method available in this game.

In line with this, you will be served with Mi-Fi controller support, where you are tasked with figuring things out via a series of virtual buttons, as well as cluttering the screen quite significantly.
Besides, you can also use an analogue stick for movement, that will make it near impossible to stay in a straight line very often.
You will also be able to use a button for whipping out your weapon, a grab button, a jump button, strafe buttons, camera button, and a flip around button.

In conclusion, Tomb Raider II has served a fun adventure game
But, because of those virtual controls, this game seems to be quite dated, and make it all the more frustrating to use each button quickly at the same time.
Anyway, you will get used to adapt with the control system.


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