Review of Toca Nature by Toca Boca

Toca Boca has born some applications related to digital toys that are presented to children so that your kids will be able to spend their free time entertaining themselves in real life

toca nature walkthrough ios android

They can do a lot of things with some applications including throwing a tea party, pretending to work in a store, playing with a train set, or driving cars around a town of their own design and exploring the great outdoors.

On the other side, Toca Nature from Toca Boca offers a fertile land ready to be transformed into the landscape of your kids imagination as they modify this area into different regions of their imagination such as creating hills with a tap that can easily be built up into snow capped mountains, valleys, and even bodies of water, in which this area will then be inhabited by different animals.

Anyway, the developer seems to put the effect in magical one as you can see fish swimming and beavers climbing out onto dry land for the first time as life is brought to their personalized ecosystem.
Because of planting trees anywhere, they can attract a variety of creatures, such as bears, foxes, rabbits, deer or woodpeckers.
Doing a work with tools such as an axe will be a great way of arbor clearing and of having a chance to change the topography again and again.

Meanwhile, the music built in is silenced so that the varied ambient noises
And, you can hear the sounds of animals in water, bird calls, critters scurrying about, and crickets at night.

Also, this app has its own visual sensibility that is quite interesting and this is not as cartoony as other Toca Boca apps
Graphically, this app comes along with a unique sense of realism as animals and the other aspects of this app use a faceted 3D style.

For further, this app is a wonderfully realized one that successfully translates the experience of being outdoors into a toy played on mobile.

Hopefully, this app will be a role-model for other developers and remove the small ad for their other app in the opening page of their applications
In conclusion, this app will be definitely worth taking a look at.


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