Review of Tiny Guardians as A Strategy Tower Defense Game

Kurechii has launched Tiny Guardians to ios and android platforms where you will have an epic adventure through Prism and summon unique guardians to defend Lunalie against various enemies such as wild beasts, eerie creatures, molten enemies and mysterious circus folk.

tiny guardians walkthrough ios android

When playing this game, you will have the main objective that is to protect Lunalie, as she gradually makes her way through the level.
Every time enemies get closer, she will auto attack them, but the enemies will quickly overwhelm her if you do not summon in some friendly troops.

This game is like a tower defense games, where you will be tasked with destroying enemies as they make their way through various pathways.
Here, you can also place towers along the pathways to defeat the incoming enemies.

In this game, you will see where the inverted tower defense mechanics come into play where you can kill monsters they can summon in additional units, or you can upgrade the ones that you already have.

You can only play a certain amount of friendly units at one time, so you will need to strategically plan which units you use.
Also, you can rearrange your positions to adapt to the ever-changing battles.

Here, you will party with Lunalie, a hunter, two soldiers, and a mage.
The soldiers and the hunter are taking the position in the front-line
And, Lunalie and the mage are attacking from a distance, as they do not have as much health as the other three units do.

When being in your journey, a bunch of wolves comes charging down the path behind the party.
To deal with this, you will simply use a few finger swipes to order the soldiers and to re-position themselves against the incoming enemies, while the hunter, mage, and Lunalie finish up the existing enemies.

Sometimes, you will deal with some bosses and mini-bosses that will deal lots of damage to certain areas, so you must always be ready to shift your troops around at any given point in the battlefield.
Anyway, this game is a unique spin on tower defense which is easily worth the price of admission.


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