Review of Tiny Empire as An Fantasy Puzzler Game

Tiny Empire from Mother Gaia Studio seems to be a 16-bit fantasy puzzler game that you can play on mobile platforms, ios and android devices

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Along the game, you will simply launch cannonballs and blow tiny orcs then go on an epic medieval journey that will take you from your empire to the forgotten desert ruins, while dealing with stronger enemies reigned by boss

In other words, this game continues the charm offensive with each level where you will merely aim to launch cannonballs at orcs, while avoiding your own troops.

You can do this by lining up the trajectory of your shot so that the ball can fly through the air, and land on top of some standing enemies.
In line with this, you will see that the line will change color based on how strong the shot is

Early on the game, you will go along with easy stages where you will be introduced with the basic concepts to get on with it.

At this point, you must time to learn about different bomb types and how they can affect the soldiers in each stage.
Also, you must learn each group of levels offering a new type of enemy or new weapon.
So, just play on your won to feel the game experience on your mobile


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