Review of Thinkrolls 2 As An Enlightening Logic Puzzler

Avokiddo has made a game specifically designed for kids which called as Thinkrolls 2, an enlightening logic puzzler for your children.

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Here, your kid must use all their wits to navigate 28 funny characters through 235 levels of increasingly complex mazes.

To play this game, you will not only roll, but float, glide and teleport through a series of themed chapters in a new scientific concept.

In the way of navigating the twists, your kids will explore and master, through trial and error turns and many pitfalls, in that all of these will help them in completing the puzzle in each level.

Anyway, to complete the puzzles will get you to have juggling multiple possibilities
In line with this, you can try combining elements and planning moves well in advance.

Early on, you will make you way through the seven new elements and almost countless levels while trying to solve all of the wonderful physics-based puzzles

Bringing the puzzle within the game, ThinkRolls 2 can be included into brilliant game that ask you to help a stylized, round, ball-like character through various mazes as they are always falling down towards the bottom of the screen.

Sometimes, you need to work with different objects so that your character will have an easy access through these landscapes
Also, you may need to plug up holes that the character can fall into and you can also use the tools in other varied ways to travel through these puzzling situations.

To learn this game deeply, you can start working on these different levels, broken up into different chapters, laden with problem-solving tasks and fabulous issues with spatial awareness.

Offering easy and difficult versions, this game does a wonderful job of suiting the needs of many age groups from preschool up through adulthood.

Again, this game has introduced the elements that have become even more creative and playful, in which your kids will need to work with objects such as an accordion that will need to be compressed or expanded to allow for movement within the mazes.

To explore each area, you can fly up high using a fan that may also need to be turned off at times in order to not trap the character in unintended areas.
You can also try to use a quantum physics that is teleporting wormholes
Moreover, you can also use water with a floating barrel, an egg, battery, and light bulb that add so very much to this game.

After going through some levels, you will be allowed to unlock new characters.
On the other side, this game has offered the visual quality, background music, and other aspects in top-notch way
You will see a intriguing use of the moon and the darkened sky of nighttime seen within some of these boards that is pretty touching.

In addition, this game also comes along with the ability to save the game of six different users, in which this feature is a great choice for school as well as home settings.
When trying to change a user, your kids can easily change the name of a user from player 1 or player 2 as they like
Thus, it will be really fun to play this game with your kids.


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