Review of The Witcher Adventure Game by CD Projekt RED SA

After having been in progresses of making The Witcher Adventure Game, now CD Projekt RED SA has recently brought that game to ios and android

the witcher adventure game basic tutorial guide for iphone android

In related to the first launch of this game, this game is a rather daunting task around the physical game, and it does have its perks.

According to the story telling, you will have a journey across the world of The Witcher while completing a variety of quests where you can hunt for deadly beasts, solve ancient mysteries, and participate in complex political intrigues.

Along the game, you will be able to play with four distinct characters including Geralt of Rivia known as monster slayer, Triss Merigold a.k.a cunning sorceress, Yarpen Zigrin that is dwarven warrior and Dandelion often called roguish bard.
Every of them has unique skills such as Geralt being combat focused while Yarpen is more of a diplomat and you can fight your way, call on your charm, or try your hand at diplomacy to get your victory

Also, it is possible to play with all AI opponents, but you can play to play this game with your friends in online multiplayer mode.

Early on, you will meet with a bunch of interactive tutorial videos where you will be helped to learning curve in this game.

Each game will come to vary massively in length where you can dictate this by picking a quest goal benchmark, with sessions stretching from around 20-30 minutes to two hours or more.
Later on, you will be prompted to accomplish the main quest that will be your achievement in this game the one who get many victory points are gained through completing main and side quests, beating monsters, as well as completing diplomatic objectives, etc.

Theoretically, you can work together to accomplish certain objectives, but this only really works when playing alongside other human players.

During in the multiplayer mode, you can almost create your own adventure as you progress.
Playing in the AI will get you to complete your turns that is especially tedious stuff.
However, this game seems not to include no save feature, in that it means once you close the game, you lose all your progress.
Anyway, this can be a big issue for any game, especially one that can go on for as long as The Witcher Adventure Game.

In conclusion, this game brings a fine adaptation of the tabletop game, and if yo are newbie to this genre, you will really enjoy this game playing in this winter.


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