Review of The Swords

If you like playing an action game with ancient martial arts on the phones, you may have to try playing The Swords
This game itself tells the story about a sword master’s life and his deep immersion in the art of swords.

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Anyway, this game will be full of the ink wash painting, the light and shade of swords, which embodies the fighting and it will lead you to be a sword master once learning it.

On the other side, playing this game The Swords can be said as an interesting little experience since it had the combination of gorgeous art and animation in one package

Here, you will perform sorts of different actions through swipes and taps based upon the section of the game you get in
In other words, you would swipe to deflect enemy swords, utilize a spinning sword to deflect enemy blows, control the sway of a tree in the wind, and more.

Graphically, this game was rendered in watercolor-style visuals with only black and red used on a white background.

Plus, it used abstract visuals in the game to convey all sorts of situations
And, it was simple with abstract representations within

When playing this game, you might swipe a big line to hit all red swords on screen at once
As you swipe, everything would go forward in time fast than they are moving on screen.
In line with this, you must predict where everything will go

During in your action, you would do a sequence of three of these in a row
Sometime, the game might flip directions on you
And, when this game threw invisible sections your way, you should memorize and keep track of where certain red swords were based on limited information

In addition, this game served the spinning sword where you tap and hold to extend the radius of your spin which would be a fun to play it on its own.

Since this game was made with the gorgeous watercolor and charcoal-inspired art, you would really enjoy the art and it would be a worthy experience to play with this artistic game our phone.


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