Review of The Shadow Sun by Ossian Studios

The Shadow Sun is a kind of a fantasy RPG developed by Ossian Studios, which will feature flexible character creation system.

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At the beginning of the game, you will select your gender and a handful of appearance options, then you go to the nitty gritty with several points to put into attributes and skills along with the effects of the six attributes

Generally, you can choose from a wide range of weapons skills, rogue abilities and magic with your skill points.
You will also get an access to combine your hero with plenty of save slots that will allow you to experiment with multiple builds.
Here, you will also have some intriguing non-combat options, such as pickpocketing, bartering and intimidation, and the game rewards you for using these to get out of some fights.
Anyway, you can always spend points later after leveling up to go in a different direction.

Also, you will be able to play on Strength and Endurance if you fancy a warrior type who can wield two-handed weapons and wear heavy armor, or specialize in Intelligence for magic use.
You can try Charisma along with higher scores that can actually add dialogue options when you interact with NPCs.

Anything you do in this game is to try to survive amidst the intrigue that surrounds you in the Golden City of Shar.
A plague has fallen over the land, and the king has sent you to get to the bottom of it.

When being in the combat session, you will use the virtual thumbstick movement combined with the fact that you need to use your other hand to swipe to change which direction you are looking at.
In the mean time, hodling the button down can block attacks, and you can always retreat to the proper range to use bows, spells, etc.

Throughout your journeys, you will gain an access to several NPCs to choose as companions, each with their own attack and support abilities such as healing, mana regeneration, enemy debuffs, and so on.
You can also pause the action during combat that you can do by pressing the companion button in the upper-left corner, in which it also allows you to switch between your abilities on the fly.
On the other side, playing in the AI for the companions is solid, whereby it is almost always leading you to do what you want.

You also can find the map, which is helpful but it needs multiple taps to access.
Quest-givers are clearly marked, but the game does not point you directly to your objective.

This game also comes with the excellent soundtrack
However, the graphics may have suffered a bit from the prolonged development process.
The graphics are built with fully 3D and rendered in Unity, so that it will give some really nice-looking backdrops and landscapes that you can see throughout the game.

Alongside, the character models are also not quite as sharp, and humans and monsters alike are a bit blockier and more pixelated as well.
Sometimes, you will notice that the necks of some characters are especially strange
And, sometimes equipped gear does not look like it is sitting on your character correctly.


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