Review of The Secret Life of Pets Unleashed

Electronic Arts has come to the ios and android store along with their newest game entitled The Secret Life of Pets Unleashed

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As usual, this game brings a match-three puzzler game as a genre
Seemingly, this game is based on the film which is popular on the App Store recently.

Similar to matching three puzzle game, every level here will get you to match dog treats which look suspiciously like candies.

In this game, you will play with different characters which will give you different challenges.
The main point here is to score a certain amount of points and get items to the bottom of the screen
Or, you may get to match a bunch of treats of the same form.

As the same as matching three puzzle games out there, if you can match more than three objects in the same forms, you will get different boosts and buffs.
And, if you can match four same objects and get a special treat, you will be able to clear a row from the board.
To do this, you can try to apply different combinations with the special treats

Later on, once progressing through some stages, your move limits will get smaller
It means that you must use your move wisely before matching any object for points and coins
Besides, you can get more moves by purchasing them with coins, the premium currency

This game has offered perfectly solid level design, where a decent level is greatly made by the developer

Moreover, you will be served with the pets at the top of the screen which have some nice animations
But, make sure to keep focusing on the board when matching the objects on the board

When completing a level, an unskippable splurge of colour and matches will burst out
On the other side, this game seems to be an interesting reskinnings of the same old matching game.

Anyway, this game is still worth to play if you want to play something new related to the matching three game


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