Review of The Sailor`s Dream by Simogo

The Sailor’s Dream emerges from a slumber greeted by the ebb and flow of the sea
And, sailing with a swipe along its currents to landmarks dotting the horizon is included here.

the sailor`s dream walkthrough ios android

In this game, you will pull downwards to approach each location, as well as sliding directionally to move your way through the twisting hallways and trinket-filled rooms of ships and lighthouses long-abandoned.

Throughout the game, Simogo presents expertly with the grammar of games, denying rooms their connective tissue and submerging you in total darkness as you move out of one space and into another.

Through this game, Simogo is doing the most significant, impactful work in mobile today with fascination with mirroring form and function that makes The Sailor’s Dream so uninteresting to rate.

In addition, this game is a peaceful narrative experience satisfy your curiosity satisfaction is the main core here.
Along the game, you will be able to explore an ocean dream world, where you can also visit forgotten islands and piece together memories on the screen of your phone.


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