Review of The Room Three

The Room Three from Fireproof Games is made in significantly hefty as a puzzle game that you can enjoy on the mobile platforms, mainly on the ios device.

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In the previous installments of this game, it was smaller in scope, where it focused on small areas
Early on the game, you will start out on a train, and you may sometime get an almost Hitchcockian feel with a tutorial sequence in each level

You will also see the appearance of a mysterious man and you may continues to piece together what is happening on, with small suggestions made via notes and manuscripts.

Puzzles in this game are fairly logical and certainly satisfying to solve with objects and manuscript as your clues
Here, you will merely use various gestures and multi touch to manipulate objects.

Later on, you will get a new eyepiece to see inside each puzzles, where it adds extra layers to an already wonderfully varied set of puzzles.

Solving every puzzle in the game can be pretty tricky at times, where you will need to think and use the gradual hints system to solve it
Anyway, the hints will give you just enough insight into something to see in a different light.

Graphically, this game is made in pretty neat graphics which ma entertain you when you move from one room to another ones

In conclusion, The Room Three is a delight, in which this game is demonstrating what works so well for the genre, that you can experience it along the game


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