Review of The Ramen Sensei

Kairosoft has launched new game with unique formula called The Ramen Sensei on the apple store recently
This game is all about to make the ultimate bowl from a vast assortment of noodles, soup, and toppings.

the ramen sensei walkthrough ios android

On the other words, you will make a delicious meal made from roast pork to miso, mackerel, and more recipes in related to noodle which will satisfy hungry customers in your restaurant

Early on the game, you start with a single shop then you will expand it into a chain of restaurants by attracting new customer types, winning competitions, managing your staff, and upgrading your facilities.

The main point to make the delicious noodle is in the soup itself.
Here, all you will do is to know your customers and customize your offerings to suit their preferences.

You will innovate to make the soup by choosing the broth and noodles that you want, decide who among your staff puts the final preparations on the recipe, and even select the toppings, arranging them in the bowl to make your ramen look just right.

You will also make an experiment with the toppings onto your ramen
With the secret recipe you have made, you can attract more a customer to visit your shop

Anyway, serving their needs will be the main factor to win competitions and unlock new items and features.

By winning competitions will level up your character, while you will also earn new toppings, broths, and noodles, get the right to open shops in other cities, and earn building permits through these contests, which will be great at gaining experience points.

In the competitions, you and your competitors will have stalls set up to serve whichever ramen you have selected to the customers that come along.
For those getting the most points in a set amount of time, he will win the competition

Graphically, this game seemed to bring retro style with the offering a couple of new tricks, which you could prove when arranging eggs and chives

Anyway, for those who like ramen, this game, The Ramen Sensei will really amuse you
So, just try your experience to run your ramen restaurant on your phone


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