Review of The Pyraplex by Kairosoft

The Pyraplex form Kairosoft is a kind of a ridiculous set-up, where you will be able to build a pyramid filling it with anachronistic shops and amenities.

the pyraplex walkthrough strategy guides

In this game, your pyramid starts off very small and not terribly pyramid-like, but as soon you earn money and dig up resources, you can expand it into a massive monument as you can see right now, which is a vaguely triangular shape.

Here, your pyramid is right next to a cliff wall, then you can have your resources by digging it out. Later on, if you want to increase the footprint of your pyramid, you must dig out that wall.

On the other side, you will be able to allocate all your employees to doing so if you want to speed it up, you must build the shops and serve the customers.

Here, the stuff is really important as it keeps the money rolling so that you can pay the salaries of your workers.

In the mean time, you will have to fill out special requests as you work, and those requests earn you stamps on a stamp card.

Anyway, earning enough stamps will get you to a number of different prizes, such as new items, room types to build, and vertical expansions for your pyramid.

Always make sure that you must manage the flow of stones properly, since they are required for all types of construction and have to be hauled from the cliff side at the bottom of your structure.
At this point, you can try building stone storage areas where excess stones can be piled up for later use.

Besides pyramid, there are other towns besides yours, and you can send out people with some of your items and manufactured goods on trade missions.
Doing such action will earn you some extra money and improve relations with your neighbors, so that it will send more visitors to your pyramid.

Here, every town has different likes and dislikes
Furthermore, a successful trip will earn you a fair bit of profit and might even open the diplomatic doors to a new town.

When playing in this game, you do have to pay attention to what your staff are doing and where you need them to be to keep resources flowing well.

In line with this, you must balance between having enough staff digging out stones both for space and raw materials, as well as doing construction for obvious reasons, crafting new items to send on trade missions, shopping to boost your cash flow, and serving customers to earn hearts.
For further, these hearts will be important as you will need them to renovate amenities and shops, trigger special events, and even expel the cobras that keep sneaking into your pyramid.

Throughout the game, you will be served with a menu and controls that feel like they were pulled from a PC game.

And, getting an access to certain sub-menus and commands will be a bit more obtuse than it should be at times
You will feel this when you are managing your staff.
Again, this game is very derivative, which will bring you to test your knowledge of architecture.


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