Review of The Little Fox

The Little Fox has presented a brilliant game where it serves outstanding visual with cartoon graphics made in a 3D style, which will be fit and fun to play on the go.

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Though, it comes with such great graphics and character, you may get hard spikes and finicky controls which will emerge when controlling your character through thirteen fairytale planets, passing icy cliffs and volcano craters, finding your way through a bog and a dark cave

This one also comes along with nicely features such as charm, eye candy, storyline, platforming, original and challenging mechanics and a cute creature.

Throughout the game, you will be accompanied by relaxing and atmospheric music with unique tracks when you guide the fox to travel the levels faster than the speed of light.

As the title said, you will guide a little fox, running through a series of levels in form of landscapes such as Eternal Winter and the Forgotten Asteroid, the Sweltering Canyon and the Secret Cave, etc while collecting tear drops to water a miserable rose abandoned by The Little Prince.

You will guide fox through levels in hexagon tiles.
All you will do is control the direction the fox heads in and he will go to there
If you tap on the left of the screen, he will move left
And, if you tap the right of the screen, he will move right.

Meanwhile, the fox will change direction one side of a tile at one time
And, you must guide him through the levels in a single run while trying not to go off the edge of the path
Sometimes, you may be brought to go back to levels where you must grab all of the tears.

To solve the level, you may push through bit by bit, while learning and figuring out the easiest route to get the way out

On the other side, you are served with a lovely story with a delightful art style
You will also be entertained and with the story and the character and nice environments made in 3d graphics
So, if you like playing running game on your phone, make sure to try this one


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