Review of The LEGO Movie Video Game

Warner Bros has now brought The Lego Movie Video Game into mobile platforms ios and android
Here, you will step into the world of Emmet, who is an ordinary citizen ans will be the most extraordinary person to rescue the world.

the lego movie video game walkthrough ios android

Along the game, you will guide him as he is drafted into a fellowship of strangers on an epic quest to eliminate an evil tyrant, and you will have a journey through fantastical worlds such as Flatbush Gulch, Cloud Cuckoo Land, through more than 45 levels

Later on, you will also be able to unlock a delightful and surprising mix of over 90 movie characters such as Batman, Superman, the Green Ninja, Gandalf, Benny, etc.

At the beginning of the game, the game opens up in step with the actual movie storyline in which you will also be given with an idea of the basic controls: default gestures for moving and such.
In accordance with this, you will also experience the ability to change the gesture movement controls to a more organic virtual joystick.

You will then find a combat element, and taps control attacks from a distance and melee style attacks from up close.
You can combine with a stack of buttons that effect the same actions as the aforementioned free taps.

Your hero will also be equipped with special weapons, and you will also have to solve puzzle then continue to make progress.

Besides, this game features studs, as the main currency that you have to collect and used to get extra characters and bricks that are unlocked down the line.
Also, you will find Gold Bricks, which can dip into one’s real-life wallet.

Anyway, some other elements come into play such as the Achievement System, which gives awards for reaching specific thresholds.

Seemingly, the developer has worked on a good job of allowing the dialogue and game story frame the gameplay.

Graphically, this game has brought graphics in LEGO-y, with block art making up the core of the environment and characters.
You can see that the animations match as you have seen in the movie
And, everything feels pretty well constructed.

Entirely, taking a look from graphics and gameplay, this game is worth to play and you can feel the adventure of each character in different stage and locations.


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