Review of The Incorruptibles Knights of the Realm

The Incorruptibles Knights of the Realm from Maximum Play can be said as a true real-time strategy game combining intense combat and resource management with a robust hero crafting system that allows you gather up loot and resources to craft and level up your heroes.

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Along the game, you will merely control a clan of heroes to battle with the evil Corrupted.
Later on, you will have to expand a kingdom through leveling up buildings

Here, you will be assigned to take part and complete a varied selection of missions, where you will fights against enemy soldiers in PvP mode.
Each time, you fight against enemies, you will get resources that can be used to upgrade weaponry and equipment through a simple crafting system.

In this game, you will have a base from which you can deploy villagers to gather food, wood, or stone to put towards new upgrades.
For further, you will have to upgrade your base to open up new units.
Meanwhile, you must also defend your farms or attack an enemy base to collect their resources.

When being in the battle, you can also control units individually, giving you a fair amount of power over what you can do there

While building your kingdom, you can spend more time developing your base or exploring the map
On the other side, you will also use the same strategies to get what you need in the game.


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