Review of The Guides as A Puzzle Game

For those who love playing A puzzle game on mobile, you may have to play The Guides
This game is the first game to look for a binary to text converter online used to solve a puzzle.

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The Guides can be said as a collection of puzzles and brain teasers, which make a cohesive whole
You will be brought to a journey where you have to complete each chapter which is sometimes frustrating and less entertaining than other games in similar genre.

When trying to solve puzzle, you may simply guess the answer to each puzzle without using much
Sometimes, you will get some of the puzzles early on very rushed and disconnected from each other.

In line with this, you will try to type in a number from a photograph to go to the next chapter.
At the same time, you will have to find a clue hidden in plain sight.

You will get the satisfaction when you can complete each chapter then continue to play later chapters along with various puzzles to solve
This game will include the plot that is threaded around

To play this game better, be sure to follow a brief tutorial or even a rundown where you will know what you could or could not do in the game.

To discover the answer, you may have to tap every single area of the screen
When trying to go for the answer, you may miss a clue, that will make you not to go advance and you can only go backward to look at previous solutions.

Graphically, this game, The Guides is made with its sharp, minimalistic design.
On the other side, you may find some truly devious solutions hidden within some very interesting riddles here and there


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