Review of The Counting Kingdom by Little Worlds Interactive

This game from little worlds interactive is a kind of a tower defense game, in which a steady influx of enemies will come at you

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In line with this, you will have to use your mathematical powers to beat them.
In the way of beating any enemy, you will be able to use magical cards, with three in play at any one time.
At this point, you should get a card that states 3 then match up 3 number 1 monsters or 1 monster rated 2 and 1 rated 1 to vanquish them.
Doing this is a simple enough process with combat being turn-based rather than constant.

In other words, all you will have to do in this game is to prepare for magic, monsters, and math which is encouraging learning while having fun.

In this game, you will be able to join the Wizard’s Apprentice on an adventure through the kingdom
In order to protect your kingdom from any incoming enemies, you are able to use your spells, potions, and the mighty power of mathematics to beat them and rescue the kingdom

For further, you will be given with some potions that can add or subtract numbers from the monsters, in which it also proves useful at certain moments.
Here, you should use potions to move monsters around, so that you are able to set up a chain.

When playing this game, it seems a bit simplistic but it remains quite cute as you travel between different areas.

In conclusion, this game is a kind of educational games and it is free of in-app purchases
This game will come along with 30 levels is a decent length for its intended purpose.


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