Review of The Bot Squad Puzzle Battles by Ubisoft

Recently, Ubisoft has come along with The Bot Squad: Puzzle Battles which really manages to do something new and entertaining with tower defense genre.

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In line with this, this game takes place in a vast robotic city separated into a series of puzzle grids.
The robots here are vying for energy have a round and cartoony quality, in which you will see almost like characters in the upcoming Big Hero 6, which will come along with dazzling glowing lights like another Disney favorite, tron.

Anyway, you will go through nearly 200 levels, in that this game will surely be monotonous if it were just another tower defense game.
However, this game increase the staggering variety that constantly keeps the game feeling fresh.

Levels here will come in two broad flavors which are Defense and Offense.
Defense levels play more like traditional tower defense as you will place some traps to keep enemies from reaching the goal.

On the other side, there are still lots of inventive strategies that you can do, such as trapping foes between blocker bots so towers can pummel them with ease.
And, playing in the Offense mode flips the script by having you micromanage drones to evade opponents’ traps.

Along with Defense’s methodical calculations and Offense’s tactical aggression within that framework the game introduces plenty of new challenges, units, and abilities to uncover.

Meanwhile, during the play, you sometimes are always on the verge of losing the batteries necessary for play, in which it puts way too much pressure to avoid experimentation and not screw up.

And this game comes with the more useful power-ups, such as an enemy-freezing EMP blast, drain the real-money currency.
Later on, you will be required to upgrade your bots to win each match.

Plus, the best levels are designed like puzzles which is smart planning beats brute force but this system makes it unclear whether or not you can even finish a stage without stronger units.

In conclusion, this game is not just one new riff on tower defense, but it serves a whole clever collection of tower defense game.


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