Review of Tetrobot and Co as A Robot Puzzle Game

Swing Swing Submarine has presented Tetrobot and Co. as an appealing puzzle game.
In this game, you will guide the microscopic Psychobot inside Tetrobot’s gears and circuits that you can do by absorbing blocks of matter and throwing them around to complete its most advanced puzzles

tetrobot and co walkthrough ios android

Here, you will have to guide a small robot around to overcome each level.
In the way of solving each level, you can try to use blocks of various different kinds so that you can manipulate switches and pressure points.

In related to the materials, you can use Wood, Stone, Sand, Iron, Glass, Ice, Cloud and use the blocks of matter and their specific properties wisely to explore the levels.

Besides, you have to learn how pipes, lasers, fans and other electronic devices work, and how to alter the chemical properties of slime with fire and electricity.
In the mean time, you will also be assigned to gather up all Memory blocks scattered on the way that you can use to repair the robots and unlock more levels.

Moreover, you can also gain a Faceblox entry for each, a kind of Facebook for blocks.
These also provide some insight into what such blocks can accomplish.
You must also collect golden memory bars that you can use to aim for full completion of a level, as well as being a requirement to unlock future stages.

Along the game, you will tap to direct the robot where you want to go.
Sometimes, in related to the control method issue, it will be too easy to go in the wrong direction because of how the game has interpreted your action, making it wiser to move slower around the stage.

When that thing happens, there is no way to cancel a move either, that will make you mistap and go somewhere you do not want to.

On the other side, Tetrobot and Co. might need something a refinement, in which its focus on such logical puzzles means
And, playing this game will be pretty rewarding and it is the game that can make a humble block seem charming is pretty notable.
So, if you are curious what this game offers, you can try to play it on your phone


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