Review of Test Chamber Mind Bending Puzzles

Test Chamber is a kind of satisfying puzzles game where you will lead a cube-headed hero through quests to escape the wraparound world, then discover a portal to the mysterious Warp Zone to reveal the truth behind the Dark Stranger.

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In this game, every level will occur on a formation of blocks, with cubes that can be pushed around to bridge gaps

Here, you have to work out how to reach a portal to the next level.
In the mean time, you will also have to solve some puzzles by clever using of the way the chambers repeat in all directions
At this point, as you walk off the left side of the screen, you will appear at the right side.
It will also be the same for top and bottom.

This game comes along with clean, minimal graphics, a melancholy soundtrack, and along with small snippets of pessimistic dialogue from characters that you meet on your quest.

Anyway, Test Chamber quickly stamps its mark as something original and unique that includes 28 levels, with a $2.99 in-app purchase to unlock more levels and get you access to any future updates.

In addition, this game, Test Chamber is a superbly-conceived and well-crafted puzzle game that will exercise your brain in the most satisfying way.
So, if you are big fans of puzzle game, it may a good reference to try on your phone


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