Review of Tempo as A Cinematic Action Game

WarChest has presented an explosive pick up and play experience game where you can hit, swipe, and tap your way to victory, following onscreen prompts in timed bursts of action events.

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On the other words, Tempo can be described as a cinematic action game, whereby ultimately player contribution is too minimal to provide any real sense of accomplishment.

In this game, you will take a role as field agent who will explore London and save the city back
Here, you can also test your reflexes in cinematic bursts of action as you race against time to stop a psychopath and his shady army with new strengths and abilities in this Rescue Operatives.

Along the game, you will be taken on unhinged henchmen, towering tanks and brutal bosses and you can also tackle quick-fire missions of timed reflex-testing events.

In a glance, this game has incredible looks that you can see from its crisp textures to its smooth animations

Throughout the game, you will experience each level with a distinct goal, such as stealing intel, defending a position, or freeing a fellow agent from captivity.

In line with this, you have to go to the finish while reacting to various situations in the form of quick time events, split into 3 categories namely Focus for hacking, Strength for when things get physical, and Reflex for shooting sections.

Here, all you will do is simply to tap at the right time, swipe a certain pattern, or tap repeatedly to execute an action.
Anyway, playing this game is like a series of cutscenes from a classic action movie.

Later on, you will go through some levels with a different setting or mission statement, each one plays out the same way, with similar animations and scenarios that are bound to repeat themselves.

As being higher ranking agents with their unique abilities in tow they are automatically added to the roster.

Every time, you have successfully completed some missions, you will be rewarded with money that you can use to purchase power-ups such as added time or an extra health slot, to help when having to retry levels.
This money is the main currency, in which Tempo is a game without a stamina bar or exclusive content, so you will constantly progress at a steady rate.

In conclusion, this game is slick, cool, and stylistically cinematic with outstanding graphics and characters

However, but ultimately it is also its downfall as you will undoubtedly tire of playing such a small role both tactically and actively.
Also, this game seems to show off the graphical capabilities of iOS gaming experience with pretty visuals.


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