Review of Templar Battleforce as A New Strategy RPG

As you may have seen on the apple store recently, some role playing games or RPG have become the popular games played mostly by ios users around the globe

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One of such genre is called Templar Battleforce, which can be said as the newest game developed by Trese Brothers set in the Star Traders universe
The title itself comes with to a lot of interesting features and a well crafted and deep gameplay experience on mobile.

Again, this game is set in the Star Traders universe and it comes along with a pretty typical sci-fi story, with human beings looking for a new planet to live in

In their journey to look for new planet, they are attacked by aliens known as The Xeno, marking the beginning of the game’s story

Later on, it is your duty to battle with the Xeno and other alien species in the game.
Your character here is definitely well crafted and it is easy to move on during the course of the game.

As said above, this game can be categorized into a strategy role playing game where you and AI bots will take turns moving single units on 2D battlefields

According to the features, this game has presented more than 40 missions to complete
You will be brought to complete a variety of objectives such as defeating all enemies, reaching specific locations on the map, defending a specific units and more actions.
Sometimes, you may also have to adapt to the situation and employ different strategies to win.

Moreover, this game will also feature vast customization possibilities which allow you to create a lot of different unit types.

Along the game, you will be able to improve your units’ stats and learn new abilities with the impressive Requisition Skill Tree.

Besides, if you can unlock nodes, learn abilities, get weapons and gain access to new Templar classes which allow you to diversify your unit.

Along with it, these Templar Classes will come with unique abilities that spice up the experience considerably
You can see them such as the Engineer and Scout classes, when opening up new strategies.

Meanwhile, the gameplay mechanics are very well made
Also, you will see the maps to be designed in cool graphics

However, this game may be a little bit hard to play especially for those who have never played strategy role playing games on mobile devices before.

In accordance with this, this game also tries to ease players to feel the gameplay experience since the new gamer will have to follow the tutorial missions first

In conclusion, Templar Battleforce still presents the best strategy role playing games that you can play on iOS in recent times
And, it will bring you to feel a challenging, deep and rewarding experience that will keep you busy for quite a long time on your leisure.


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