Review of Teeny Titans as A Cartoon RPG with Pokemon Style

Teeny Titans – A Teen Titans Go! Figure Battling Game from Cartoon Network delivers a bright and buzzing cartoon adventure with Pokemon style and brings a new RPG with a sense of humor

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This game features some favourite Teen Titans characters from the cartoon of DC Comics, where you will be brought to collect and battle action figures of the heroes themselves.

Along the game, you may want to play with Robin where you will have to collect all of the 70 figures and become the best battler in the game

Here, you will also have a bunch of quests to complete.
In line with this, you may be able to get gold by getting your victory in battles, then use your cash to get new characters

And, the battles here will allow three of your team to go into a clever mix of turn based and real time combat.

Every character here will come along with a set of attacks, which needs a time to charge up indicated by a bar at the bottom of the screen

When it is full, you can launch powerful attacks, and you must balance since your opponent can have the chance to attack back.

You can launch different attacks which have different effects
At this point, your characters will have different roles to play
And, you can swap them whenever you want, in which they have some moves which will stack with the other members of your team

Graphically, this game has excellent animation and cartoon styling that you can experience when you are in the game
And, the battles are also tight and surprisingly strategic
In other words, this is a good and intelligent RPG that you can play on the go

However, when navigating the world map, the controls are a little fiddly
Sometimes, the controls are small niggles where you have to collect and battle the vast number of On the other side, you will have to upgrade your characters, learn the best combinations, and have a solid back-up team to go through this game smoothly

In conclusion, this game, Teeny Titans can be said as brilliant mash up of RPG genre, delivered in carton style presentation


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